Photo Gallery

Watermillock photo

NCOG members admiring the wild flower meadow at Watermillock, June 12th, 2011

Pruning Event Brampton Feb 2011 - Pruning

Graham Wheeler pruning an old tree at Brampton, February 2011.

Bumble bee on Tom Putt

Bumble bee on a Tom Putt

About the gallery

This page has a few photographs of NCOG activities, members' orchards etc.


If you wish to add pictures please either email them to or send the webmaster an email asking for upload access to the gallery.

Mosser, April 2011

The webmaster's orchard in April 2011

Hilary Portinscale grafting 2011

Hilary Wilson demonstrating grafting to NCOG members at Portinscale, March 2011

Juicing at Brampton, October 2010

Juicing at Brampton, October 2010