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This page displays all future events. Events are of three types:
NCOG Events: Events organised by NCOG. Generally free to all members unless otherwise noted.
SLOG Events: Events organised by the South Lakes Orchard Group. NCOG members may attend SLOG events.
Other Events: Events organised by others (e.g the National Trust). There may be a charge for these.

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Jan 2018

[NCOG] Winter pruning workshop Jan 21st 2018

Our 2018 winter pruning workshop will be at Brigham, near Cockermouth. Our host will be Catherine Grezo. The trees are fairly mature and need some remedial pruning. Based on the successful format previous years, this will be a structured "learning" event, so the plan is a late morning to early afternoon format with a briefing session (under cover) to start with and lunch (attendees to bring sandwiches, but hot drinks will be provided) also under cover. The pruning itself will be small groups, each with an experienced "leader", tackling specific trees. We will start at 11am with the briefing session and will continue to mid-afternoon, weather permitting. There will be dry place (garage) to shelter from any inclement weather, but it is not heated.

Some equipment will be supplied but please bring your own secateurs if you have them. Please ensure you bring gardening gloves and wear suitable footwear. Also, please note that there are some steep steps up to the orchard.

Please see this page for full details and to book: ... nuary-21st