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North Cumbria Orchard Group: Waiver / disclaimer

Most of the group’s activities are low-risk, but nevertheless even the mildest activities can sometimes go awry. Each of our events is subject to a risk assessment and we carry public liability insurance via Zurich Insurance. Members can ask to see these documents if they wish. The main risks to be aware of include cuts from sharp implements and falls from ladders.

By joining the group, you are agreeing to the following waiver. If you have a household / corporate membership then you take full responsibility for any members of your household / organisation attending events, including joining them in this waiver. The word “you” below refers to any member of your household / organisation attending an event.

IMPORTANT. Our insurance does not cover the use of chain saws. The use of chain saws at any event is strictly forbidden. Any injury, damage or loss resulting from the use of a chain saw will be the sole responsibility of the user. If you see another member using a chain saw at an event, then KEEP CLEAR and report the matter to an officer.


You waive all claims that you may have against the North Cumbria Orchard Group, its officers, members, volunteers, agents and sponsors, or its successors or assignees (the organisers), and release them from all claims for death, injury or damage arising out of your participation in their group, their events and related activities, together with any costs, including legal fees.


You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers against damage by you arising out of your participation in the events and its related activities.

In the event of injury or illness during participation, you consent to receive medical treatment, which may be deemed advisable by the organisers.

You acknowledge that you have sole responsibility for your personal possessions and equipment during the all events and activities.


You permit the free use of your name and picture in any broadcasts, telecasts and the press including website as they pertain to the North Cumbria Orchard Group, their events and activities.

You agree to have your personal details recorded and used by the North Cumbria Orchard Group for the purposes of managing the group and for further communications with you by the group (see our privacy policy for further details).