Blossom survey - Lazonby

All the trees at Lazonby (CA10) and at around 4...

All the trees at Lazonby (CA10) and at around 400 feet above sea level (about 124-130m). All surveyed 4th May.

Keswick Codlin grafted 2014, petal fall, it had no blossom last year
Discovery, bought/planted 2014 when 2 years old, full
Adam Pearmain, grafted 2014, full
Newton Wonder, grafted 2014, full
Winston, grafted 2014, full
Lemon Square, grafted 2015, no blossom, it had lots of apples last year
Ribston pip[in, grafted 2014, full
Lord Derby, grafted 2014, pink bud
Fiesta, grafted 2015, pink bud

Report by Gordon Malcolm; Monday, 4 May 2020

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