Cider Packaging 2024

It's that time of the year when we get to enjoy the fruits of last years apple harvest. We will package the cider that the club made last autumn and free up the equipment and vats for this year - when the cycle will begin all over again.

The packaging will take place on July 14th at our new cider barn at Mike & Carmen's place. The event is bookable so we all don't turn up together and have to queue unnecessarily. If you're available for more of the afternoon to help with the process and cleaning afterwards then please book for more than one slot. Our events are always very sociable and it's always great for people to chat during these events. There will be a natural tea/coffee break about 3.30pm. You might want to bear this in mind making your booking!

On the booking form please indicate how many recycled bags and/or boxes you will be bringing to the event.

So, if you contributed apples to the community cider effort last year please make your booking to ensure you reap the benefits

Session detail
Session Start End Available
Cider Packaging 2024 - 2pm 14/07/24 2:00 pm 14/07/24 3:00 pm Yes
Cider Packaging 2024 - 3pm 14/07/24 3:00 pm 14/07/24 4:00 pm Yes
Cider Packaging 2024 - 4pm 14/07/24 4:00 pm 14/07/24 5:00 pm Yes
Cider Packaging 2024 - 5pm 14/07/24 5:00 pm 14/07/24 6:00 pm Yes