Dalemain Harvest Festival 2024

Dalemain are hosting a traditional celebration of the harvest, offering visitors a chance to explore the importance of the Harvest at Dalemain and in Cumbria throughout the centuries. Sunday 15 September 2023, 10:00 - 15:30

There will be talks, activities and guided tours, to be enjoyed by everyone from families to gardening experts. As well as a selection of hand-picked nurseries and craft stalls from the North of England, we are planning to be there to press apples. Visitors should bring clean apples (hand picked and washed, not rotten) and a container for their juice (about 1 litre per 2kg of apples).

There will also be vintage tractors, horses and bees.

See full details at https://www.dalemain.com/events/dalemain-harvest-festival