Tree sales 2024

We have a small number of spare trees for sale at £10 each (members only)

After planting the cordons at the 'Sawmills' orchard, we have a few trees left over. The varieties available, numbers (and rootstock, where known) are given below. Please 'book' how many you want and specify your variety preference. There might be some minor changes to the list so apologies in advance for any disappointment. The price is £10 each, assuming they are in reasonable condition.

You will be able to collect on 'Blossom day' or at the Sawmills work party on May 26th. If you can't make either of those events, then let me know.

This is the original list (with those reserved struck-through), however, it looks like Crawley Beauty may not be available and those marked with a ? may be missing. There are others that have been located and are given in the 'additional list':

Winter Gem 106
Ida Red

Golden Delicious 106
Meridian 106 ?
Crawley Beauty 106
Merton Beauty 106 ?
Spartan 106
Tydeman’s Late Orange 106

Crispin M26
2 x Grenadier 106
Jonagold M26 ?
Duke of Devonshire
Yorkshire Cockpit
Fiesta 106

Jupiter 106
Gloriana 106 ?
Greensleeves 106 ?

Additional list:

Yellow Ingrestrie
Pine golden Pippin
White Transparent
Pitmaston Pine Apple
Winter Gem
Coul Blush

Where no rootstock is given, it is most likely to be MM106, but this can't be guaranteed.

Session detail
Session Start End Available
Sales @ £10 ea. 09/03/24 12:00 am 31/12/24 12:00 am Yes
Ticket price for members: £10.00

Please specify your preferred varieties in the requests box