Katy originates from Sweden, where it is known as Katya, and as such is well-suited to growing in cool temperate climates. It was developed in 1947 as a cross between James Grieve and Worcester Pearmain (like Lord Lambourne) and is very much a mixture of these two varieties. Worcester Pearmain's subtle strawberry flavour is also sometimes present in Katy. As an early-season variety, Katy is one of the best apple varieties for northern temperate growing areas with shorter growing seasons, since it will ripen even in a poor summer.

It is best eaten while still fresh and does not keep much beyond September. At its best, it is sweet and crisp and juicy, and makes an excellent juice (or addition to an early cider). It is easy to grow and fairly resistant to scab and canker - all in all a good choice for any Cumbrian orchard.

Origin: Sweden
Vigour: Large

Approximate size indication depending on rootstock: