Private orchard - principally apples grown for juice and cider

The orchard at Mosser is privately owned by Mark Evens (NCOG treasurer) and was mostly planted on the winter of 2007/8. It is therefore now in full production, the majority of which goes into cider and juice for local sale. There are around 40 different apple varieties (plus a few pears and plums) including some cider apples - about 120 trees in all (note that the list on this website is still being added to). The trees are mostly on MM106 rootstock and are grown as "half-standard" forms. Some more recently planted cider apple trees are on M25. The orchard area is managed as a wildflower meadow (with meadow buttercup, yellow rattle, ragged robin, clover, ox-eye daisies among the varieties) and is cut annually in late summer using scythes.

One or two NCOG events are held there each year and it is also the base for the NCOG cider group.

It is not open to the public, but private appointments can be made, particularly for those interested in joining NCOG.

Contact via the website.