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The committee has discussed the pros and cons of a Facebook page ...

The committee has discussed the pros and cons of a Facebook page at its meeting on February 5th and the general feeling was that:

  • We did not think it would get a great deal of use (given our previous experience with forums and the fairly low level of interaction that occurs between members outside of events)
  • Many of our members are not on Facebook. If they attempt to look at a Facebook page, much of the content is hidden by a request to log in to see it properly. We did not want to have a communications medium that excludes a large part of the membership.
  • We appreciated that more use of social media might attract a younger group of people but considered that this possibility did not outweigh the factors set out above. However, we did not discount the use of some forms of social media in the future and will keep the matter under review.

To provide some of the benefits of Facebook, but without the exclusivity and with less interactivity, we decided to trial a “Scrapbook” page. This page is automatically built from emails sent in by members to the address . Images and other attachments may be attached to the email. This post is the first such item.

Members are free to send in emails to the Scrapbook, but please keep them fairly brief, not like this one (use News Reports in “My NCOG” for larger items) and do not attach multi-megabyte files. They should appear at within about 5 minutes of sending them. Our news editor will moderate entries as necessary.

Report by Mark Evens; Thursday, 6 February 2020

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