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[NCOG] Grafting workshop

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[NCOG] Grafting workshop

Postby MarkEvens » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:33 pm

Our annual grafting workshop will be held at Newton Rigg College (in the "potting shed" to the left of the main car park - hopefully we will have put up signs). There will demonstrations of the techniques involved in grafting scion wood onto rootstocks. Participants will then be able to graft apple trees for their own use.

If you wish to take part in the workshop please book at ... h-4th-2017. Note that you can either come at 11am (and stay as long as you wish) or you can just come for the afternoon - there will be another demonstration at about 1pm. In either case we finish at 4pm. If you can only make the afternoon, please select the second booking slot. Numbers are limited so please book your place(s) early. The event is free for members and £13 for non-members.

Please bring a suitable knife (Stanley knife or equivalent with a new sharp blade) and gloves. Some chopping boards should be available, but if you have a small board please bring it (or a wad of newspaper can be used). There will be a wide variety of scion wood available on the day. If you want to graft a specific tree variety please email as soon as possible so that we can try and make sure that the appropriate scion wood is available. Each rootstock you use will cost £2.50. There will be no other charge for NCOG members. You will need to pot up your completed grafts when you get home after the workshop. Bring a carrier bag to keep the roots moist.
The vast majority of rootstock that we have is MM106. If you require a different rootstock, please contact in advance.
The on-site cafe will not be open, so you will need to bring sandwiches etc. (there will be tea/coffee making facilities).
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